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Will I need to drill a hole in my truck when I install my BAKFlip?

No, there is no drilling required when installing a BAKFlip. The BAKFlip was designed for easy installation. It will easily clamp onto the rail of your truck with its easy to use clamp system. The only tool you will need to install a typical BAKFlip tonneau cover is a 15mm wrench. You will just need to tighten the 3 clamps on each side of the truck bed. On an 8ยด bed there are generally 4 clamps on each side when installing.

How long will it take to install a BAKFlip cover?

On average, installing a BAKFlip cover takes about 20 minutes. For those who have installed a BAKFlip before it should take no more than 10 minutes to install once you know what to expect.

Is it possible to drive with my BAKFlip in the open position?

Yes it is. The BAKFlip cover can be used in 5 positions: completely closed, 1/4 open, half way open, 3/4 open, and opened all the way. There is provision built into the panels of the BAKFlip to automatically secure them when shut.

Will my vision be blocked if I drive with the BAKFlip in the full open position?

The BAKFlip tonneau cover was created so that it can be used in the full open position or any of the other incremental positions. Most likely the full open position would be used when hauling a full load such as a couch or a desk. When hauling larger items such as those mentioned your rear view will be blocked anyway. In such case you will need to make use of your side view mirrors when you drive with the cover locked in the fully upright position. Do note that you do not need to drive with the cover fully open.

Does the BAKFlip lock?

When closing the panels of the BAKFlip they will automatically latch down shut and stay secured under the rails of the tonneau cover. The panel will not be opened unless you are able to access the release cables found underneath the panels and this can easily be done from the driver side or passenger side of the truck. This is a unique locking system which means that there are no keyholes or locks exposed to the elements or thieves. All securing features are concealed under the cover where it is safest. For total security you will need to lock your tailgate.